Jake Ellis® Unveils Tagline: See your way™

Jake Ellis® Unveils Tagline: See your way™ - Jake Ellis®
What does Jake Ellis® mean? That's the question Jake and Ellis asked themselves.


As part of recent thoughts towards the future of Jake Ellis® as a brand, this is one of the most important questions the founders, Jake and Ellis, have been asking themselves. Having taken some time to reflect on the story to date and consider what the brand really means to themselves and the Jake Ellis® community around the world, Jake and Ellis are proud to be unveiling a new definitive meaning of the Jake Ellis® brand, and put elegantly with the new tagline See Your Way™.


Dream Chasing

Jake Ellis® the sunglasses brand was founded in 2019 by two friends, Jake and Ellis, on the Isle of Wight, the sunniest place in the UK with some of the best beaches in England, probably the world. To read more, see Our Story.

Jake Ellis® was a dream, a desirable thought, but it was also something that could easily never have happened. Jake and Ellis decided to chase the dream. They had to be visionaries of the dream, really think about what it meant. To realise the vision, to actually chase the dream, that requires determination. To achieve your dreams, you must be relentless. Life is about dreaming; of adventure, of experiences, of great people, of whatever may excite you. Jake Ellis® is testament to this.

While you chase your dreams, and make them happen, Jake Ellis® will be with you to help you See Your Way™.


See Your Way™

The new Jake Ellis® tagline See Your Way™ elegantly captures this visionary, determined, and relentless approach to chasing your dreams.

See Your Way™ — To become visionaries of ones dreams, having the determination to chase, and the relentlessness to eventually live them.

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