Jake Ellis® Guide: Looking After Your Sunglasses

Jake Ellis® Guide: Looking After Your Sunglasses - Jake Ellis®

Sunglasses are a much needed accessory for many people and making sure they're in tiptop working order is vital. We have compiled this article containing our top tips to make sure your sunglasses get the care they deserve.


1. Clean

We should only use pure water, not water with minerals, such as salt, present within. Minerals, such as salt, are hard and will very finely but possibly quite quickly begin to remove any tint from sunglasses lenses. Simply, sea water will scratch your sunglasses lenses.

Clean your sunglasses lenses by poring pure water over the lenses to remove any surface liquids, dirt, or sand. Then wipe dry using the microfibre cloth included with your sunglasses.

We do not recommend using any chemical cleaning products as these could have a more harmful effect than mineral and sea water.

When polishing and cleaning your sunglasses, frames and lenses, use a soft microfibre cloth and a small amount of pure water if excessively marked or dirty.


2. Keep In Pouch

Why risk scratching or breaking your sunglasses? Keep your sunglasses in a hard shell case or the next best thing, a soft microfibre pouch.


3. Don't Wear On Head

Leaving your sunglasses on your head when you're not using them over your eyes, especially for long periods of time, can warp the shape of the frames. Instead, put them in your pocket or hang them on your shirt or another item on your clothing.


4. Be Mindful of Excessive Heat

When you aren't wearing your sunglasses, avoid leaving them in direct sunlight, especially when they may get excessively hot for prolonged periods. This can bleach the frames, loosing vibrancy of colour, and the frames could warp.


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