Jake Ellis® Comptons™ on the High Street

Jake Ellis® Comptons™ on the High Street - Jake Ellis®

Jake Ellis®, the Original Isle of Wight Sunglasses Brand founded in 2020 by Island born and raised duo, launch previously online-only range of Comptons™ sunglasses onto the High Steet with Visual Impact.

Newport, Isle of Wight (26 August 2022) – Jake Ellis® the Original Isle of Wight Sunglasses Brand officially announce the launch of the previously online-only sunglasses brand into local independent retailer Visual Impact of 21 Holyrood Street, Newport, Isle of Wight.


Jake (RIGHT) & Ellis (LEFT), Co-Founders at Jake Ellis.
Steve (MIDDLE), Store Manager at Visual Impact.


The retail launch is in a move to provide the many customers who now consciously shop locally with a convenient try before you buy experience, help further establish the Jake Ellis® brand locally, and support local retailers.

Since the online launch in May 2020, Jake Ellis® has done from strength to strength; quickly selling out of the first limited batch to customers across the UK, Channel Islands, and Europe, then announcing the Jake Ellis® Comptons™ sunglasses for Summer 2022.

“Since our inspired but apprehensive launch of Jake Ellis® in 2020, we are both continually humbled by the generous support and encouragement the Jake Ellis® Family of customers and followers have shown us. We are just two lads who had an idea and decided to start something, work hard, enjoy the journey, and see where it goes. Jake Ellis® is more than just the two of us now, it lives inside the hundreds of you around the world. Incredible. We are still very small although our plans just seem to keep getting bigger, maybe none more so than a vision to bring our manufacturing home to the Isle of Wight one day in the not-so-distant future. Here’s to you, the Jake Ellis® Family for making this happen.” – Jake & Ellis, Co-Founders at Jake Ellis®

As more customers shop local, being on the High Street is an important step for the Jake Ellis® brand, giving local customers more choice of brands. Customers can now try on a pair of Jake Ellis® sunglasses and then walk out with a pair the very same day.


The Jake Ellis® Isle of Wight themed sunglasses retail display designed and made by hand on the Island by Jake and Ellis.

“Jake Ellis® are excited to partner exclusively with Visual Impact for the retail launch of the Jake Ellis® Compton™ sunglasses on the Isle of Wight, our home. Visual Impact have been an icon of Island fashion since 1985 and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a prestigious retailer for our launch. We look forward to working with Visual Impact way into the future while continuing our retail expansion across the South Coast within the coming years.” – Company Statement

Join the Jake Ellis® Family today, visit in-store or online. Jake Ellis® Comptons™ available now from Visual Impact, 21 Holyrood Street, Newport, Isle of Wight.

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