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Top 3 Scenic Drives On The Isle Of Wight

Top 3 Scenic Drives On The Isle Of Wight

The Isle Of Wight, or as we locals know it - The Island, Is filled with incredible scenery and views all over. If you like white chalk cliffs, picturesque beaches, scenic drives and views only one can imagine, the Island - and this Blog has you covered.  

Whatever drive you embark on you will not be disappointed. 

Safe Travels!


Military Road

11.2 Miles


The most iconic road on the Isle Of Wight is called "Military Road". This road - as the name suggests, was used by the military back in the 1860's as a defence for the Island. Allowing troops to move from their barracks along the south west of the Island. This road covers the island between Freshwater Bay all the way to Chale, which are both by themselves incredible beaches to visit.

Vibrant green land on one side and jaw-dropping sea views with white chalk cliffs on the other, a mix of long straights and twisty roads, makes this route a popular ride for Cyclists, Motoring enthusiasts and everyone in between.

With plenty of stop-off points and sandy beaches along the way, there is no doubt you'll be able to take that must-have photo to share with your friends and family.

This road is a personal favourite of ours. 



Middle Road

9.0 Miles


Photo Credit: Google Maps

The second most known road on the Isle Of Wight is called "Middle Road". This road goes from Freshwater all the way to Carisbrooke which lies at the edge of Newport - which is the islands central town, passing through Afton, Shalcombe and Calbourne.

Head onto wide open dreamy roads with unobstructed views. Being able to see the Solent and the mainland on one side and the downs on the other where you'll see plenty of golfers playing at Freshwater Golf Course. Undulating turns and arrow straight section of roads make this a popular, enjoyable route for drivers.

Passing through Afton you will be passing the location of which the world famous Isle Of Wight Festival of 1970 was held. Most known for the headliner of the one and only Jimi Hendrix. This festival was extremely popular, with people also watching from the downs, it was estimated that there were around 600,000 people in attendance. - Talk about claustrophobia! 



Cowes Esplanade

1.1 Miles


Photo Credit: Google Maps

A much slower road to those listed above. Cowes Esplanade - which includes Princes' Esplanade, Egypt Esplanade and Queens Road, covers a short strip of road between Gurnard and Cowes (It's never "West Cowes", just Cowes...) on the North West of the Island.

With large frontal properties of great magnitudes overviewing the sea views, you'll understand why people live there. 

With unobstructed views you'll spend most of your time looking at the different types of boats that go up and down the Channel (Solent) while breathing the fresh sea breeze - unless you're the one driving, eyes ahead aye! 

Cowes Esplanade is better known as one of the locations for Cowes Week - A world famous boating festival. Which contains amongst many things, firework displays, the world renowned Red Arrows Aerobatics, Typhoon display show and a shed load of boats of all kinds. Sail boats, Yachts, Bobs homemade boat all the way to Sunseekers, Cowes Week contains them.



We hope you enjoy driving these roads as much as we do, as well as making many memories exploring on the Island!

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