We're Back on Amazon Prime for FREE One-Day Delivery

We're Back on Amazon Prime for FREE One-Day Delivery

We are now back on Amazon.co.uk for Summer 2021.

Following the success of our Amazon exclusive launch in 2020 of the Adventurers (View) and Earls (View), we have now released our latest sunglasses, the Comptons, on Amazon.

What this means is... Amazon Prime members will benefit from FREE One-Day Delivery and FREE Returns, additional charges may apply for non-Prime members.

If you need your sunglasses super fast and you are an Amazon Prime member, shopping on Amazon may be best for you. However, shopping on our website will always guarantee you the best price, deals and service.

Where possible please shop on our website as we then don't have to pay Amazon any commission, and this means we can provide our awesome customers (you!) with better products and experiences in the future.

Shop on Amazon / Shop on Website

Here's to your next adventure,

Jake & Ellis

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