June heatwave is here, but will it stay?

June heatwave is here, but will it stay? - Jake Ellis®

Having been blessed with some warm weather in May, the UK has set Summer on full-blast since, seeing the arrival of a heatwave into June - caused by the Iberian plume venturing to our shores.

With the temperatures soaring, the UK was hotter than Ibiza over the weekend. However, due to the high pressure there were warnings for torrential thunderstorms too.

The real question is, how long will the heatwave last - should we leave the barbecue on low or return our swimming trunks?

Well... the heatwave is here to stay for the most part, quite probably into July where in between we may see more torrential thunderstorm warnings issued. So, get burgers on the shopping, crank up the barbecue, and order your Summer gear; starting with a new pair of sunglasses.

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Source: Metro /  Weather25

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